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Visually Impaired Children

Baliram Nishad
Baliram was born as totally blind in year 1998 in a very poor tribal family in Borsi village of Magarlod block [Dhamtari district of Chhattisgarh state]. His parents work as agricultural labourers to make both ends meet as are having a very small piece of land. He was identified by Prerak [Sightsavers partner agency implementing CBR and education projects]He was identified in the year 2003 by IE Facilitator under Education project initiated by Prerak. He has been trained in orientation, mobility and daily living skills.

He has been taught to use Taylor frame and Abacus for conducting mathematical operations, read and write in Braille. He has been given Braille kit through Panchayat and Social Welfare department. This year through SSA, he has received Braille books.IE Facilitator assisted him in getting blindness certificate in year 2004. This helped him in getting railway concession certificate, scholarship and pension.

After constant communication with Baliram’s parents, the IE Facilitator convinced them regarding the benefits of enrolling Baliram in an education project. In the year 2005, Baliram was enrolled in government run primary school. At present, he is studying in 8th standard in government school. Baliramis an independent child now; he goes independently to school using white cane. He moves around in the village freely along with his friends.

He likes to participate in sports events as well as singing competitions. He participated in State level Paralympics in year 2010 and won 1st rank in shot-put and 2nd rank in 100 meters running.Based on this success, he further participated in National level Paralympics, 2010 held at Chandigarh and won 2nd rank in 100 meters running, 3rd rank each in shot-put and long jump.

Chhattisgarh state government felicitated him in year 2011 and gave him cash prize of INR 10000.00 [GBP 137*] at the hands of Honourable Chief Minister in a function organized by Sports and Youth Welfare Ministry.

Baliram also participated in year 2011 in State level Paralympics held at Raipur and won 1st rank in shot-put and 100 meters running.He then participated in National level Paralympics 2011 held at Bangalore and won 2nd rank in Shot put and 100 meters running.