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Community Based Rehabilitation (Case History - 3)

Name Father Name Age Education Village Name
Tarini Dewangan Sri Mohanlal Dewangan 18 years, Female 4th pass Jondi

Kumari Tarani Dewangan living with joint family .She is 30 years old and she had not taken birth as blind. But she faced the problem in vision after the first 6 years of his life. Initially she suffered from the problem of low vision and for this she was checked by the doctor in the year 2009 in the PHC. The doctor and eye specialists of the PHC suggested her to carry out the treatment in MGM hospital. As per the suggestion she went to MGM hospital and make her eye checked.

The doctors advised her that the problem of vision can only be solved through operation. But the family member of Tarini refused and feared to carry out the operation of Trani . As per the suggestion and advised after some days operation of the eyes of Tarini was carried out. She got the 6/60 vision for six month and gradually she lost her vision. Assessment of Tarini’s condition and situation was conducted by the staff of the organization. CBR worker interfered , counseled and motivated the family member to cooperate and as well as to put input for the betterment of Tarini’s socio economic her vision is 1/60 ( savior low vision ).

Disablitlty medical Certificate was issued to her by medical hospital Raipur with the help of CBR field worker .CBR field worker give inputs to the client for rehabilitation like as cane techniques ,money concept, Orientation ,Mobility and Daily living skills .now she able to move with help of cane .now she is very happy to learn something from field worker .