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Sustainable Tribal Livelihood

Another Project STL- Sustainable Tribal Livelihood is being implemented in the Gariyaband district. The organization is providing livelihood opportunity to the beneficiaries from the 21 villages of Gariyaband block. In which the community is being provided with the opportunity for Goatry, Puoltry and Fishery. Along with that the organization provided seed support to 125 beneficiaries for paddy cultivation, 125 for Mixed Crop Farming and 200 female beneficiaries for Kitchen Garden every year for promoting organic farming with indigenous seeds. The basic concept for the Kitchen Gardening is to ensure availability of vegetables in their daily routine which provides continuous nutritional values in their daily consumption. Thus the total number of beneficiaries are supported every year is around 500 beneficiaries. Apart from that the organization believes in the capacity building for the beneficiaries through various training programs, Capacity building programs, and Awareness programs for sustainable development of the community. The training programs are based of ecological farming, trainings on Goatry, Fishery and Poultry, Seed bank management, Adoption planning on Climate change are the focus area for the community to be self reliant.