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Community Based Rehabilitation (Case History - 6)

Name Father Name Age Education Village Name
Deosigh Kurey Sri Mehtar kurrey 40 years, Male 11th pass Singarbhatha (Abhanpur)

Deosingh Kurrey is living with his family members .He was not blind by birth. When he was of 34 years of age got Eye problem and suffered from cataract disease and gradually loss his vision. He went Raipur for treatment at Mechahara hospital. He was experienced in the household work and daily living skill. During the survey under community Based rehabilitation program he was identified by the staffs of the CBR. After that assessment of life’s condition and situation was undertaken and accordingly services were rendered for his socio economic rehabilitation.

He was oriented and advised on eye health care and on socio economic rehabilitation. Knowledge was given to him about the various facilities under PWD act of the government. After getting certain information regarding the scheme implemented by the government for the benefit of the disable, he started to take advantage of government plans and program by himself under the guidance of the staffs of the CBR program. In this day he is working for another disable person. Though he is a disable, still he by himself provide the training to other about the orientation and mobility and eye care to the people like him.