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Tribal Rights, forest land recognition

Under Peoples Empowerment through Accessing Rights on Forest, Land and Water & Sustainable Livelihood Practices (PESL) project the organization focuses of the Forest Rights Act which includes Community Forest Rights and individual Forest Rights for the Forest dwellers and other Traditional Forest dwellers in 320 villages of 10 districts of Chhattisgarh. The organization is fighting for the rights of forest dwelling communities. Total number of 56 claims of CFR has been awarded for the year 2020. People of these communities are being aware for their Forest rights. Along with that the organization is helping in accessing their rights by the medium of Community Forest Rights, Individual Forest Rights, and Habitat Rights. With that the organization is also trying to provide fair price and market for the NTFP collections done by the communities. The community is being continuously educated by the medium of regular meetings in which they are educated about the importance of the natural resources which we use in our daily lives. The community is being aware on the hazardous effects on environment due to mining activities in the various locations of the project area. The minimize the effects of deforestation there, has been continuous efforts for Plantation on claimed Community Forest lands, individual lands, in the school campus, besides road side area and in the village boundary along with empty lands and in forest area also. Seed collection is also done on a large scale and it is being exchanged. Food festivals are organized to raise awareness among community for understanding of nutritional values in the community.

The community is also being aware by the medium of exposure visit to the locations where Community Forest Rights have been awarded and how they are skilled in the management of the forest. By the medium of the above mentioned activities the organization is trying to connect the communities to the social inclusion.