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Sustainable Agricultural Development

The organization puts its effort to promote the agriculture and its practices to upgrade the economic condition of the rural tribes who completely depends upon agriculture and forest produce for their livelihood. For the promotion of the agriculture and to raise up the agricultural productivity, Vasundhara – the organic agriculture study and training centre was established with the effort of the organization. PRERAK through this institute concentrates all its efforts to promote the agriculture and its productivity by arranging certain training program of modern techniques of cultivation as well as carryout certain study in the field of agriculture for the purpose of raising the productivity with less input. In regular interval PRERAK organizes certain training program through the VASUNDHARA to disseminate knowledge on how to yield more by adopting the simple and less expensive organic and modern agricultural practices. Under this institute lots of training programs are organized in regular interval to promote the agriculture and its practices among the poor farmer. The main objectives of the organization are to promote the agriculture and its productivity in order to bring a sustainable economic condition for the rural farmer. Various activities like training on modern SRI technology of cultivation, Preparation of organic compost, seeds bank management etc are conducted. Besides this in order to meet the water need of the rain fed land for cultivation the village farmer are encouraged for earthen check dam, lift irrigation, land leveling, Nalabunding etc. Market facilities for the agricultural products are also arranged.

Promotion of Pulses Cultivation by the SHGs
Adoption of SRI Technology of Cultivation by the Village Farmers