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Community Based Rehabilitation (Case History - 4)

Name Father Name Age Education Village Name
Hatiarin Dewangan late-Sri Ramchakh Dewangan 56 years, Female Nill Nawapara

Hatiarin Dewangan was born on 1954 and she is living alone in her brother’s house at Nawapara Rajim at word no-9 .She faced problem of vision soon after the 3 years of her birth. She suffered from the problem of vision due to chickenpox disease which she suffered from. She had carried out check up of her eyes by various doctors and eye specialists but all most all of them advised her that to remain silent as because the vision will not come back in future.

She is alone and leading her life with the help of her brother. She has two brothers but one was died before 5 years and her father also died before 20 years. During survey under Community Eye health program field worker found her. Assessment of her condition, situation was conducted by the staffs of the organization under community based rehabilitation program. Soon after that certain activities were undertaken to rehabilitate her socially and economically.

She has passed 25-53 years with blindness, and has lot experiences in Daily living skills, orientation and mobility .After identification of her by the field worker certain input was given for the client. Now she is very happy and can manage her daily work very easily by the training of the staffs. She has attended many training program, which is organized by PRERAK for the disabled person .She gives thanks to CBR field worker to those who has given certain inputs to make easier to manage her day to day life style. Now she is confident enough to move anywhere by help of cane. She is capable enough to manage her daily living skill for the arrangement of her livelihood.