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Community Based Rehabilitation (Case History - 1)

Name Father Name Age Education Village Name
Padma Nisad Sri Dyaram Nisad 26 years, Female 5th pass Kanhera (Tekari)

Padma Nisad was born on 31st July 1985 at Jamraw village .She took birth with Sevier low vision and could see the world up to 10 years of her age. She had studied class 4th in the Primary school in the village . She could not attain the class 5th examination as she lost her eyes. She was treated by many doctors and eye specialists but due the problem in the dryness in the nerve system of her eye she remain uncured and lost her vision.

Though she had a great interest to carry out her study, but due to the pressure of her family members she could not study more. When her family members were advised to continue her study they denied to send her for higher schooling by telling that there is no problem in our home to take care of her, and we do not want her to carry out any job for her living. But the family members failed to trace that gradually she was depending upon them for managing her daily activities.

But with the effort of the organization and with the counseling of the family members of Padma , they allowed her to continue her study. So she was trained to read the Braile with the direct supervision of the staff of the PRERAK. Besides this she was trained with daily living skill to manage all the essential activities by her own effort. She was denied to move, but after the intervention and training to padma, all the family members happily allow her to move alone in the village. Besides this with the effort of the organization disability certificate was allocated to her with its help she got certain advantages.

Due to the continues intervention and counseling of the family members of Padma, all the things have become possible. It was counseled to their family member that blindness is not the curse of the God, rather it is a disease. It is a matter of happiness that with the support of the organizational staff , now she can move in the agricultural field with the help of cane and as well as can contribute to her family income by carrying out the activities of the leaf plate making.