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Earthen Check Dam- Gouramuda

Village Name Kodobhat
Village Panchayat Gopalpur
Block Mainpur
District Raipur
Number of families 64
Benefited families from this earthen check dam 47
Irrigated land area 101.50 acres
Influenced area 80.50 acres
Previous production 161 quintals
Present production 215 quintals
Length and width of check dam 179.4 mtrs. x 1.95 mtrs.

The village Kodobhat is one of the villages in Mainpur Block of Raipur District. Agriculture and collection of forest produces are main occupation of the people. People are engaged six month in agriculture and rest period of the year they collect forest products and sell in the local market for their livelihood.

PRERAK organization is conducting food security program in 30 villages of Mainpur block. It started its intervention in this village for agriculture development. The organization has formed Village Development Committee in the village. After discussing with VDC members about various village problems it is decided to construct an earthen check dam in the village for irrigation facilities to the farmers.

One Nala is flowing from distant mountain to the agriculture land in two ways and the place is called Gouramuda. Every year farmers were collectively bunding this nala for irrigation purpose. But due to less strong it was cut off by heavy water force in the rainy season and farmers were suffering a lot due to this. PRERAK made a survey on this nala and decided to make an earthen check dam here with the support of VDC members.

After construction of this dam farmers are getting following benefits:

Irrigation facilities for 101.50 acres of agricultural land of 26 farmers
Soil conservation and reduction of soil erosion
Technical knowledge and support for farmers
80.50 acres of land is protected from erosion
5 acres of lands of a farmer became suitable for paddy cultivation which was affected before.
Families received work opportunity by the construction of this earthen check dam.
Increased in production and ensured food security in the families.