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Activities of Prerak on Disability

SAKSHAM – The Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centre for disabled.
"An Attempt of PRERAK to Ensure the Life with dignity and self sufficiency for the People with Disability by imparting Various Vocational Training Through SAKSHAM."

Disabled people have specific needs which are totally ignored by their families and society where they live. Consequently, they are not accepted in the society and remain dependent on others throughout their lives. Proper counseling of parents and appropriate development plan is thus required for each beneficiary according to his/her ability to address his/her special needs. So SAKSHAM came to exist in the year 2009 with fully equipped residential centre with special vocational training, education, and with medical intervention-services for the rehabilitation of disabled people and to assist them to become self-sufficient and productive members of the society.

Through Saksham the orthopedically handicapped, visually handicapped, hearing handicapped and mentally handicap etc are provided with vocational training under the age group of 15-35 years.

This centre is well equipped with the residential facilities for 40 trainees and all the necessary equipments/machineries have been installed according to the training components with the support of GGP Japan. The centre is looked after by the staffs and maintained by the local contribution and donations received from the community. In due course of training programme all the inmates trainees of Saksham are provided with two hot and nutritious meals every day.

SAKSHAM- The Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centre for Disabled.
SAKSHAM- The Rehabilitation and Vocational Program for Disabled.

The prime objectives of SHAKSHAM are as follows:-
1. To impart vocational training and education different disabled person annually in different trades. 2. To generate awareness and bring attitudinal changes in community people towards vocational training and education of disabled person. 3. To promote socio economic condition of physically challenged persons through creating environment in which they can be able enough to generate income by themselves. 4. To provide financial assistance to disabled inform of loans and advances individuals and group of individuals with physically challenged by the way loans and advances for economically and financially viable schemes by the projects.