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Disabled People's Organisation (Case History - 2)

Name Age Education Village Name
Govindram Sahu 40 years 8th pass Sonesili (Piproud)

Govindram Sahu born on 1970 at Sonesili of piproud village, he is living in a very miserable condition. He has sudied up to class 8th in village high school. He discontinued his study due to economic problems. From the early days he was interested to learn tailoring. So he went to be trained in Tailoring from a professional tailor. Gradually he learned and trained on tailoring and finally adopted tailoring as the source of income for his livelihood

Govindram Sahu is a married and lives with his family. PRERAK found out him in due course of survey. He always participates in the Cluster level SAGs meeting and know information regarding the different type PWD facilities from government. So with his own effort he organizes village level SAGs meeting with fields worker and gives information regarding the Social and Economic rehabilitation .Before join in to DPOs he was unknown about PWD facilities, now he is organizing every cluster level and village level SAGs meetings . He actively participates in any kinds of social work and religious work in the village.

When he participated for the first time in the block level meeting of DPOs, he was attracted and encouraged a lot. Since then he has never failed to attain any block level meetings. From that time he has committed and dedicated himself to work for the disabled person and their development. With his effort in these days there is 10 numbers of village level SAGs .He has been trained on MR from Bilaspur. He is working for the mental retired children and trained the children on orientation and mobility, daily living skills etc. He has done certain remarkable work for the Disabled people in abhanpur block of Raipur districts. Now he is leading different SAGs.