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Objectives of Prerak

To make the people conscious about their problems, issues and situation of socio-cultural, economic and political life and the environment where they live in very miserable condition.

To provide the common platform to think scientifically and take common decisions for community interests and collective effort for development.

To make women free from social bondage and make them prepared to enjoy their human rights.

To promote awareness to take control, development and protection of the natural resources for the development of indigenous community.

To promote people’s livelihood through sustainable agriculture and NTFP collection and exchange.

To generate the environment and facilitate the provision of permanent and helpful means of income generation.

To promote the active participation of community people to preserve and conserve and manage the natural livelihood resources of indigenous people.

To advocate with government for ensuring provision of appropriate educational, health and social benefits to visually impaired children.

To provide services to people with disabilities with special focus to visually impaired for enhancing their socio- economic condition.

To build the capacity and organize the disable person to advocate with government to protect their own rights by themselves.

To provide vocational training to all type of disabled adult to make them self sufficient.

To generate awareness for prevention, cure, causes of blindness and social inclusion through trained professional.