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Disabled People's Organisation (Case History - 5)

Name Age Education Village Name
Om Prakash Sahu 33 years B.A Final Chandi

Uttamram Sahu took birth in chandi in the year 1988 . After 2 years of his birth he suffered form the diseases and lost the function of his leg. He was treated at Binay Mitra Mandal at Raipur and the doctor suggested him to take caliper for leg because it was curable. But unfortunately he did not use Caliper and his leg damaged. When the field worker of PRERAK under Community Based Rehabilitation program found him, they motivated, encouraged to participate in SAGs meeting.

He attained the meeting and came to know many things regarding laws and act enacted for the protection of rights of the disabled people as well as the different provision for the development of the disabled people under the laws and acts. He earn his daily bread through tailoring and he is very much interested to carry out the activities which will promote the socio economic life of the disabled people.