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Case Study on Nadep Tank

Subject Nadep Tank
Farmer’s name Shri Nainsingh Netam
Village Kodobhat
Panchayat Gopalpur
Block Mainpur
District Raipur (Chhattisgarh)

For agriculture development PRERAK is promoting for the construction of Nadep Tanks in the project area for preparing Bio-compost to apply in agricultural lands and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers. One of the farmers named Mr. Nainsingh Netam Says, “I have been preparing and using Nadep Tank compost since last 7 years. I have four oxens and collect sufficient dung for composting. I applied 2.50 tons of cow dung compost in 1 acre of land and planted government certified paddy seed 1010.

I also used organic fertilizers to prevent various diseases caused by insects. Previously production was 6 quintals and now the production has increased to 8 to 10 quintals of paddy. I got profit of Rs.2375/-. By this organic farming better quality paddy is produced. I suggested my neighbor farmers for organic farming and to construct Nadep Tank. Instead of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides which is cost effective it is better to use organic compost and bio-fertilizers”.