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Community Based Rehabilitation (Case History - 2)

Name Father Name Age Education Village Name
Derhuram Sahu Sri Sukhram Sahu 52 years, male 4th pass Patewa (Patewa)

In due course of intervention of the staff of the community based rehabilitation program, Derhuram Sahu was found out. He had taken birth in Patewa village of Nawapara, Rajim in the year 1953. The problem of low vision was arisen when he was at class 2, so he has only studied up to class 4 of primary education. He got married in the year 1971 and was meeting his livelihood with daily wage labour. But in due course of time his eye problem did not allow him for carrying out wage labour work.

He was staying at Sanjay nagar with his family. Deruhram had the cataract eye problems which increased day by day and became more painful. In this situation he was identified by the organizational Staff. After the counseling of the him it was come to know that the doctors had denied him to operate. With the effort of the staffs of CBR program, training was given to him on orientation mobility, and daily living skills. Besides this he was taken to the Raipur medical hospital for check up and disability certificate was provided to him by the medical officer to take advantage of the different scheme of the government.