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Conservation of Natural Resources

Through the program “People’s Empowerment through Regeneration, Conservation, Protection of Natural Resources for Sustainable Livelihood”. The prime objective to this program is to protect and conserve the natural resources of livelihood of the indigenous group as well as to empower them through various meeting and camps to utilize their rights for the protection of their rights granted under constitution of India.

In order to build the capacity of the ignorant tribal people for the proper implementation of the various plans and programs they are made understand about the various laws and acts like PESA, FRA, NREGA etc through various legal camps and training and meetings.

Management and Conservation of Natural Resources: To uplift socio-economic condition of the tribal people various activities are undertaken to preserve the natural resources of livelihood. Activities like – protection of jungle from fire, up gradation of the jungle through plantation, conservation water bodies, preservation of the traditional forest produce through nursery, storage and marketing facility of the forest produce, preservation of the medicinal plant etc.

Awareness and Organization:
PRERAK organizes various meetings, seminars, discussions, legal camps and talks in order to raise the awareness in the various sectors. Basically in the field of agriculture, health, education, disability, and for the proper implementation of the various laws and act enacted for the development of the indigenous group

Mass mobilization on NREGA implementation
Training on Lac Cultivation to the Tribal People
Nursery Development for the Purpose of Plantation In Degraded Forest.