Earthen Check Dam- Ganga Jamuna

Ganga Jamuna

Village Name Gangajamuna
Name of Panchayat Jodapadar
Block Mainpur
District Raipur
Number of families 44
Benefited families from this
earthen check dam
Irrigated land area 20 acres
Influenced area 19.5 acres
Previous production 602 quintals
Present production 688 quintals


To construct an earthen check dam in the village for agriculture development through irrigation facilities for farmers and increase in
The village Gangajamuna is situated 2 k.m. distance from Mainpur block head quarter. 80% of villagers are living below poverty line. PRERAK organization started its intervention in this village and has formed Village Development Committee in the village Gangajamuna for discussion and solution of village level problems. After discussion with VDC members it was decided to construct an earthen check dam in the village for agriculture development.

There were no proper irrigation facilities for agricultural lands of farmers. Farmers find many difficulties to irrigate their lands before. After construction of this earthen check dam 86 acres of lands are being irrigated including 20 farmers. Crop production has also increased to 688 quintals which was 602 quintals before. Panipanchayat has been formed in the village for management of water from this check dam.